2D Design 


Course Description:

Introduction to underlying concepts for making and analyzing two-dimensional art. Application of the use of design elements and principles with basic color theory to achieve specific goals for visual communication is studied.


Course Objective: 

The objective of this class is to introduce the student to the tools, techniques and vocabulary that are essential to the development of understanding two-dimensional design. By the end of term, the student will become familiar with the elements and principles of two-dimensional design, explore color theory, and develop a visual literacy through making art that reflects an understanding of craft, composition and content.


A significant component to this class includes introductions to a variety of materials, concepts, and techniques. Although this is a studio class, lectures, readings, demonstrations, and other materials will supplement the lessons. During the course we will focus on specific two-dimensional elements and develop an understanding of their meaning and the possibilities inherent in their use. These Elements include, but are not limited to: Line, Shape, Texture, Value, Color, and Space. We will use these basic elements to explore more elaborate Principles of two-dimensional design that include but are not limited to: Unity/Harmony, Balance, Contrast, Rhythm, Transition, Variety, and Dominance.


As we conclude the semester, projects will become more dependent on individual initiative and creativity.

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