Drawing II


Course Description:


Continuation of ART.-131 (Drawing I) with emphasis on more advanced training. Color is introduced as a means for creative expression. The development of personal imagery through a variety of approaches is emphasized.


Course Objective:  

The objective of this class is to introduce the student to the tools, techniques and vocabulary that are essential to the development of understanding the basics of drawing in a representational manner with color. By the end of term, the student will become familiar with the materials and principles of drawing with color and develop a visual literacy through making art that reflects an understanding of color, craft, composition and content.

A significant component to this class includes introductions to a variety of
materials, concepts, and techniques. Although this is a studio class, lectures, readings, demonstrations, and other materials will supplement the lessons. During the course we will focus on specific elements of drawing and develop an understanding of their meaning and the possibilities inherent in their use. These Elements include, but are not limited to: Line, Color, Shape, Texture, Value, Proportion, Perspectives and Space.

As we conclude the semester, projects will become more dependent on
individual initiative and creativity.




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