Project 2: Ghost Of Self



To demonstrate the elements and principles of three-dimensional space, you will create a sculpture(s) using plastic cling wrap and packing tape. You will explore the structural principles and communicative possibilities of tape and the process of creating rigid tape forms based off the human form. You will develop your ability to apply the formal visual principles – Balance, Texture, Harmony, Variety, Weight, Open/Closed Forms, Positive/Negative Space and even Installation. This object must demonstrate your understanding of the human form i.e. your form. These will be self-portraits unless you are uncomfortable with the concept. If you choose you can use a volunteer. They also must interact in a harmonious visual way with the VADC environment in which you display them. 



Step 1: Working in teams, one student will model as the other carefully wraps an area of the model student gently (not to tight) in cling wrap. Then the wrapped areas will be covered in layers of clear packing tape until there is some rigidity to the form.


Step 2: Once a form has been created the tape and wrap will very carefully be cut off the model student with round nosed scissors and taken off. This will be repeated for the body in its entirety minus the face and sensitive areas. I will discuss the face area in depth.


Step 3: Take note that the students will act in a respective adult manner and that ANY sensitive areas will be covered in wrap and tape by the model student themselves and NOT THE OTHER STUDENT. These include breasts, buttocks and genital area. Of course any other area anyone is not comfortable being touched is also off limits. 


Step 4: Taking all the forms taken off the body the student will seal any gaps and then

re-assemble the forms in its entirety. Keep in mind structural stability, translucency, movement, form, craft and how the form will ultimately interact in your chosen school environment. 


Step 5: Install in the VADC in a manner that will leave no trace. 




Packing Tape, Plastic Wrap




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