Project 3: Designed Animals



For this project we are going to find the best quality image of your favorite animal and create a Vector based design that captures its essence in black and white and then in color. You will: Demonstrate the elements of Point, Line, and Plane and their use in design. Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship of object in a design. Develop idea generating skills.  Develop editing skills. Consider the design of your animal throughout the creative process. Make the best visual choices for conveying your animal. Utilizing Photoshop CC manipulations of your animal to aid your work in Illustrator CC.  Final design must be an .ai file 8” x 10” portrait or landscape. You must utilize your tablet for all drawing. You can sketch your animal out and then fill it in with a black marker and scan your sketch to work from or you can place your image directly into Illustrator CC and trace on top of a work layer. Make a Folder in your Class Shares titled: Project 3 > folder named Original Images > folder named Edited Images. I encourage you to either go as stylized as possible or as representational as possible. Creativity is key but we must be able to understand what animal it is. No background elements just strictly the animal itself. You will also give me a color version, with additional shapes, gradients and drawn elements once you finish the b/w one. You have 4 classes to work on this. Seriously, show me something amazing. Each version will recieve its own grade.  



Step 1: Search online for high quality imagery of your favorite animal and then save that image file to your class shares Project 3 > Original Image Folder.


Step 2: Manipulate the photo in any way that enhances your ability to work with or, stylize the animal in Photoshop CC. Save manipulated image in Project 3 > Edited Image Folder.


Step 3: Place the image in a template layer in a new 8” x 10” CMYK .ai file. 


Step 4: Using any means you can within the context of the software trace the original image to the best of your ability in pure black and white. No gradation or color allowed. 


Step 5: Once you have completed your first version of the animal save it in your Project 3 > Black and White Folder. 


Step 6: Using the black and white version as a base develop a color version of your animal with as much texture, color, gradations, transparencies etc. as possible. If you chose you may forgo the black and white version as your base and crate an entirely new color version of your animal image (as long as it’s the same image). 


Step 7: Once finished print and mount the images on two separate foam core boards.



Wacom Tablet, Adobe Illustrator CC, Found Image


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