Project Three: Edge: Reductive Drawing, There is No Line in Nature



Project three will be an investigation of the edges of objects. We will ask ourselves, “when I look at this object what creates the shape, why do I see an edge? Does a line define the objects edge? Does everything we perceive have an outline? Or, are the differences in values between the object and the space around it what actually defines the edge?” I have two statements that I want you to seriously contemplate, “There is no such thing as line in nature.” and “line is a human construct with no physical bearing in tactile reality” what do you think? Serious assertions I know but in the context of this project I want us to escape the line to dictate edge.



Step 1: A simple white paper bag still-life will be arranged on a white stage, choose one bag that you can easily see. We will take our 9" x 12" sketchbook paper and use powdered graphite and a smudging technique to cover the entire picture plane. We want the darkest, most uniform coverage possible on the paper.


Step 2: I will demonstrate a completely reductive technique utilizing all erasers and blending tools. At first drawing in what we could call reverse may seem challenging but just focus on the shapes and values in front of you. Erasers are drawing tools just like your pencil, they do more than remove mistakes! We must find a way to demonstrate our ability to create the shape of an object utilizing graphite, eraser, and blending utensils without creating a line to define an objects shape/edge. For this project I want a full articulation of value from dark to light. I also want very close attention paid to reflected light, shadow, light, and modeling.


Step 3: Please utilize the Sighting technique for proper proportions and perspectives. Spend the appropriate amount of time on your proportions and perspectives. Think about implied line. Once you are nearly complete you can push your brightest areas with some white chalk. Be selective and stay away from line!!!!


Step 4: Complete drawing to the best of your ability. Spray with fixative and hand in according to the outline in the syllabus.




9” X 12” Sketchbook Paper, Powdered Graphite, Blending Utensils, Kneaded and Gum (Plastic) Erasers

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