Project 5: Album Cover

Create an album cover demonstrating the artistic and design capabilities inherent in Adobe CC PS and ILL software programs. This album cover must also demonstrate the 2D Elements: Line, Shape, Texture, Value, Color, and Positive/Negative Space as well as the Principles of 2D design: Unity/Harmony, Repetition, Rhythm, Balance, Contrast, Transition, Variety. You may choose any band, singer, album or song to base your design on. You can utilize strictly Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC or a combination of both programs. While all the design requirements stated above are to be presented within your design in a well-crafted way (when appropriate) conceptually your design must also visually harmonize with the essence of the music you choose.


This design may be either a PSD or an AI file type with or without visual elements from both software programs. Your document must be 12” x 12” bleeds are required. The file must be 300 ppi (PS) and in CMYK. You can use your own imagery (encouraged) or found imagery off of the Internet (or both). If you use models you must have them sign a Model Release Form (which I have). Nudity is allowed but must have a strong conceptual reason, the objectification of any gender is discouraged. You must also experiment with visual elements created by the use of at least one online tutorial, a link to said tutorial must be included in a Word document, “link bibliography” along with links to any images taken from online sources. Text is allowed but can only be the album/band/artist name or a combination of both. The text can also be no larger than 16 pts (your design must rely on visual elements and not be dependent on type). Your design can be representational or nonrepresentational (or a combination of both) color is optional but encouraged. Simplicity is elegant but you must utilize all of our class time wisely.


Step 1: Make a Folder in your Class Shares titled: Project 6 > folder named Final File > folder
named Misc. 

Step 2: Using all the skills you have acquired during this course create a breathtaking, earth-
shattering, visually and conceptually harmonious, intelligent digital design.

Step 3: Use your class time wisely I have extremely high expectations for this project.




Wacom Tablet, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Found Imagery, Jpeg Images



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