Project Six: Still-Life, Direct Observation of Drapery



Utilizing all techniques and concepts presented in class up to this point, I want you to create a full page drawing on tonal (18" x 24") charcoal drawing paper. This drawing must demonstrate spatial analysis, sighting, dynamic value, correct proportions and composition. This is a time to flex your abilities and demonstrate your personal growth up to this stage in the course. You will utilize both white and black charcoal while embracing the tone of your paper as a value.



Step 1: Begin exploring the drapery, dont attempt to draw the entire fabric piece. Find an area you find compositionally pleasing and challenging. The format of this drawing is up to you but should be dictated by what area of the still-life you are working on. All techniques discussed up to this point are allowed.


Step 2: Consider using all your blending tools and erasers while also embracing your mark making capabilities. 


Step 3: I want a full articulation of value from dark to light. I also want very close attention paid to reflected light, shadow, edge, light direction, and modeling.  


Step 4: Complete drawing to the best of your ability. Spray with fixative and hand in according to the outline in the syllabus.




Black and White Charcoal, 18" x 24" Toned Paper, Blending Tools, Sighting Stick, Kneaded and Gum (Plastic) Erasers, Steel Ruler, View Finder (optional)


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