Project Seven: Colored Pencil, Simple Fruit Still-life



To further demonstrate the elements of colored pencil, seeing, attaining proper proportions, identifying local colors, layering and working from the back of the drawing to the foreground.You will create an under drawing of a simple fruit still-life, attaining the best possible proportions and perspectives. You will utilize the sighting, boxing and splitting techniques for the under drawing keeping in mind value, edge quality and shape. Then you will build a full dynamic color drawing that will focus on local color, value range, reflective light, shadow, edge quality and vibrancy. No black allowed. Create a drawing that demonstrates your increasing ability with colored pencil.



Step 1: Take a 9" x 11” sheet of gray Strathmore paper and mount it on your drawing board in whatever format you feel works best. Then using a ruler and H pencil create a one-inch border around the picture plane.


Step 2: I want a drawing that includes an intense, focused study of the figure. Utilize the gray of your paper as the background value and space. After watching my demonstration start by using a H pencil or a lighter valued local color to create the under drawing being mindful to keep the drawing surface as clean as possible. Correct proportions and perspectives are expected.


Step 3: Once your under drawing is complete, take the concepts gained from my demo and begin to block out large areas of the drawing keeping in mind local color, value range, reflective light, shadow, edge quality and vibrancy.


Step 4: Start working from the lighter values to mid-key hues from the back of the drawing to the darker values in the front.


Step 5: Move the colored pencil around the drawing in whatever manner you find most appealing. I do very much encourage you to consider gestural mark making. Keep in mind vibrancy, edge quality and value range. No black is allowed.


Step 6: Complete drawing to the best of your ability. Spray with fixative and hand in according to the outline in the syllabus.




9" x 11" Gray Strathmore, Colored Pencils, Blenders, Burnishers, Pencils, Erasers, Ruler, Sharpeners

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