Dustin spent the most impressionable times of his childhood on a family ranch near the Badlands of Western South Dakota. The ostensibly overwhelming vast and isolated areas of this region of the Great Plains encouraged Dustin to journey inward searching for a similar vastness in the amorphous expanse of human consciousness. Contemplation, labor, discourse and emotional stillness are all reoccurring themes throughout Dustin's work. To contact Dustin please select the link below.

Dustin received a Bachelor of Science in Fine Art in 2006 and then a Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts in 2007. In 2004, he studied art abroad focusing on advanced figure drawing and painting restoration and preservation in Florence, Italy under Audrey Flack and Dr. Roberta Pallucci. Dustin graduated from Washington State University Pullman, WA in 2009 with a Master of Fine Arts (4.0) majoring in painting and minoring in sculpture and digital media.

Currently, Dustin is the Curator and Director of Gallery Gray, a nontraditional online gallery space. The goal of Gallery Gray is to have international solo and group exhibitions for emerging to mid career artists interested in utilizing a digital gallery format. Since 2009 Gallery Gray has had 43 exhibitions and over 128,000 online visitors from over 66 countries. To view the gallery please select the link below.