Project Three: Wood Forms, Biomorphic & Geometric - Nonrepresentational



To demonstarte the basic elements and principles of three-dimensional space you will create a sculpture using either found/purchased wood. This object will be can be Open/Closed structure demonstrating your understanding of engineering on a small scale and aesthetic qualities. One object must be Biomorphic and one object Geometric. Both of your objects must be nonrepresentational. This project is designed to introduce you to the structural principles and communicative possibilities of wood and the process of creating structures utilizing a wide variety of shop tools. You will also develop your ability to apply the formal visual principles – Balance, Texture, Sequence, Weight, Open/Closed Forms and Structural Dynamics. The size of the object must be no larger than 18” in any dimension. A grade will be assigned to each of the objects.



Step 1: Begin by making loose sketches of forms you may find interesting from differing vantage points. This form must be biomorphic and non-representational in nature. Using wood, create a freestanding form. Your Biomorphic object must be refined in stages from rough to specific in form and highly finished (sanded). A stain will then be added. BTW step 1 or step 3 can be switched or you can work on both forms at once.


Step 2: Make sure you create a Form that is visually interesting and well composed.  Maintains visual integrity from multiple vantage points. Fabrication or Craft (how it is made) is well considered and appropriate to the project as a whole. Supports it’s own weight (stands easily, without careful balancing). Consider your material or visual economy. Keep it simple.


Step 3: Using found/purchased lumber create a nonrepresentational form that is geometric in nature. The finish is up to you as far as it is refined and adds to the overall form. Local color allowed, sanding optional.


Step 5: Once your forms are finished hand them in.  




Wood, Wood Glue, Wood Dowels, Screws, Sand Paper and Shop Tools





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