Project Five: The Human Armeture



The student will demonstarte contemporary artistic sculptural practice during an investigation of nontraditional sculptural materials, form, and performance. This project will push the student to explore a variety of possible materials, techniques and processes to create an object that will be worn by the student or a student volunteer. The student’s body will become an armature for an artistic covering that conceals the student (mostly) from head to toe. Movement is not necessary for the “suit” but is encouraged. While the human form is the central armature the “suit” can expand past that initial form until the human form is unrecognizable. Texture, Color, Shadow, Figure/Ground, Rhythm, Repetition, Harmony, Dominance, Variety and Craft are all essential to this projects success. The way in which this “suit” is created is solely up to the student as are the materials it is comprised of. However, your materials must be attained in a legal manner, must not pose a health threat whatsoever and be disposed of in some manner immediately after the final critique.  Outside of those parameters literally any material or combination of materials is allowed. The student must wear the suit for a photo session or arrange a MCC student volunteer for the photo shoot the day the project is due. Make sure you manage your materials, studio space, and time to the best of your ability.  



Step 1: Begin by brainstorming, I want to see divergent thinking diagrams, a list of possible materials and then I want to see at least 5 initial rough sketches of how you can engineer the materials into a body covering.


Step 2: Begin collecting materials and explore a number of ways you can manipulate said materials into interesting forms that are able to be manipulated in a manner that can be placed on the body.


Step 3: Consider that the suit does not have to last after the final critique but does have to be structurally stable enough that you can ear it and that it poses no safety risk.


Step 4: Combine all materials in any manner you find works best for your concept and materials i.e. tying, gluing, crimping, stapling, welding, zip tying, sewing etc. etc. In a way that can be worn by you and then wear it in class on the final day. While creativity is key so is CRAFT!!!!!!



SAFETY: All materials must be attained legally and pose no safety risk whatsoever.








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