Project Four: Still-Life, Direct Observation of A Complex Still-Life - Charcoal



Utilizing all techniques and concepts presented in class up to this point, I want you to create a full page

(18" x 24") charcoal drawing of the still-life. This drawing must demonstrate your understanding of spatial analysis, sighting, dynamic value, correct proportions/perspectives and composition. This is a time to flex your abilities and illustrate your personal growth during the course. This will be thought of as a "Mid-term" project.



Step 1: Begin exploring the still-life in at least 3 fully studied gestural thumbnail sketches. The format of this drawing is up to you but should be dictated by what area of the still-life you are working on. All techniques discussed up to this point are allowed.


Step 2: Consider using all your blending tools and erasers while also embracing your mark making capabilities. 


Step 3: I want a full articulation of value from dark to light. I also want very close attention paid to reflected light, shadow, edge, light direction, and modeling.  




Charcoal, 18" x 24" Sketchpad Paper, Blending Tools, Sighting Stick, Kneaded and Gum (Plastic) Erasers

Steel Ruler, View Finder (optional)

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