Project 6: Still-life, Direct Observation PS CC Drawing Utilizing the Wacom Tablet



Create a drawing utilizing the Wacom tablet and Stylus while directly observing a small still-life. This drawing must demonstrate Spatial Analysis, Sighting, Dynamic Value, Color, Balance, Texture, correct Proportions/Perspectives and Composition. This is a time to flex your abilities and demonstrate your personal growth during this course.



Step 1: Bring to class two to three small objects you can place next to you on your desk. Then create an 11" x 17" PSD CC file at a ppi of 300 CMYK color and save it to your class shares Project 6 > Folder.


Step 2: Using your abilities with the Wacom tablet and stylus loosely sketch out the objects in a under drawing layer. Make sure you are using the sighting, bracketing and centering technique demonstrated in class. Use any brush, pencil or combination of both.


Step 3: Once your composition is drawn out and you have your objects loosely drawn in contour line form to the best of your ability focusing on correct proportions and perspectives begin adding color.


Step 4: Your colors can be based off local color or if you choose you can inject your knowledge of color theory into the drawing.


Step 5: Once you have completed your drawing of the animal save it in your Project 6 > Folder. 


Step 6: Once finished print and mount the images on foam core board.




Wacom Tablet, Adobe Photoshop CC, Two to Three Small Objects



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